Yellow Octopus is a creative agency and design practice devoted to strategic, authentic and thoughtful design.
Yellow Octopus is about ideas and ideals.

Convinced that winning ideas are birthed through the fulfillment of great partnerships rather than the result of a single stroke of genius, we believe in mutual respect and trust to venture beyond proven and familiar methods.


Yellow Octopus is about asking, as it is listening.

We love to question because we love stories. Every person, company or product has a story to tell. Our business is to uncover that soul and showcase it to the world through creative design. But today, we are reversing the process and asking ourselves the question we ask our clients – what is our story?


Yellow Octopus is about people, as it is craft.

Our clients are our partners. We work with the expectation and belief that they love their craft as much as we love ours. Together, we have produced creative work that now makes up a big part of the YO story, significant markers and highlights that detail our journey as an agency.



We would love to share your story with the world.