Antalis 2007 Calendar
Awards Won
• Merit, HOW 2008 International Design Awards

Every year, Antalis, the #1 communication material provider in Europe, invites creative folk to create a beautiful calender that would sit proudly on the desks of their clients.

So when they came to us in 2007, we decided to make an Antalis 2007 calendar that spoke to the procrastinator in each of us.

Hand drawn images adorn each unique page, showcasing Antalis’ wide range of fabulous paper products.

Having done that, we thought, “Why own desktop space alone when we could own bag and wall space as well?”

With Antalis’ enthusiastic support, the calendar was accompanied by a notepad and a poster.

Aware of the increased cost, we introduced a mini bookmark – calling clients to spend $1000 or more on Antalis products to receive a free t-shirt.

The Antalis 2007 calendar evolved into a boxed-set which created quite a buzz in the industry, proof that authentic value can still be created with the intelligent use of the common print medium.

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