Illumi Nation 2014
Infinitus Productions
Transforming a single stretch of sand into Asia’s 1st massive glow-in-the-dark paint party was the brainchild of our client, Infinitus Productions. To match the explosive energy, fun and sheer audacity of their vision, we created an intense visual presence for Illumi Nation 2014 that was at once both dramatic and contemporary.

The progressive stance of Electronic Music and its pervasive influence on culture are to be celebrated – so we collaborated with digital illustrator, Ben Qwek, to raise psychedelic art to a whole new level. With this, our EDM Goddess was born, along with the mantra, “Become the Light”, which served as the axis for this print, digital and social campaign.

Design will always have the power to inspire music, dance and people. But on the 11th of October 2014, surrounded by thousands of revelers under the stars, we let the beat take charge.

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