London Design Festival 2010 “Make Your Mark”
Yellow Octopus / YOLO
The London Design Festival 2010 was the perfect location to showcase our work as a Singapore-based design agency. Because we love to leave a positive mark on the culture of our day, we decided that we would showcase our capability to spread the YOLO message.

YOLO is an initiative that partners folk from all walks to life, to rediscover creative talent, potential and dreams that have been forgotten. YOLO knows that life has a way of holding us back from realising our dreams.

We set up an installation using the metaphor of a balloon and a tied-on YOLO pencil to ask ourselves, “If life were a pencil, what’s holding you back?” The balloons lifted the pencils off the ground to represent the tensions that prevent us from realising our dreams. Below the balloon and pencil cloud, visitors were invited to make their unique mark on the canvas of life.

The exhibition space featured 3 other works, representing stories of 3 individuals who have made their mark by following their dreams, against common logic and cultural expectations. See it here.

The creation of a Christmas gift extended the “Make Your Mark” campaign to capture the spirit of what happened in London for those who were not there. We turned 8 drawings, contributions found on the canvas of life, into rubber stamps and packaged them with greeting cards – spreading the YOLO message throughout the Christmas season.

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