Nokia CEO Summit 2002 “Ecosystem of the future”
“Eco-System Of The Future”Nokia’s mission is simple: Connecting People – by building great products that enable billions worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Nokia CEO Summit 2002 “Ecosystem of the future” was hosted in the middle of a rainforest resort – challenging CEOs to consider businesses as collaborators rather than the competition, an idea ahead of its time.

Nokia approached us to develop the identity of the summit and to create the collateral given to the participants.

As an invitation, each CEO received a woven basket filled with three items, each a tactile reminder of the significance of how their own perspectives could affect both the people who work with them and the business environment in which they thrive.

– a pair of binoculars for powerful long-sighted vision,

– a jungle hat to beat the heat of severe challenges

– and a bird whistle to make a distinct call for those who follow.

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