Nokia CFO Forum 2006
Nokia is a company that has evolved in countless forms since it began as a riverside paper mill a 150 years ago – they know that success often requires a disruption of the status quo, a need to change with the times.

Nokia CFO Forum 2006 was hosted to challenge CFOs to move against safe, common logic.

Nokia came to us with the framework of the forum and allowed us the freedom to create the identity, branding and collateral for the event.

We wanted to embody Nokia’s understanding and sensitive call for CFOs to continue making bold, wise investments during a financial crisis – not to be held back by popular, conservative, traditional strategies while countless opportunities for success slip away.

The “Free to Soar” invitation/program brochure is enclosed in a bird cage, requiring the would-be participant to free from it’s perch, as a symbolic first step to unlock oneself from the status quo.

The Nokia CFO Forum 2006, held in Hong Kong, took on the name and motif of the chinese character “fei” (meaning “fly”) – set with the phoenix as a symbol of rebirth and life from the ashes.

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