Nokia Siemens Networks CEO Summit
Nokia Siemens Network
I love you, what’s next?

When the time came for Nokia Siemens Networks CEO Summit to be held in 2009, they wanted to create a strong campaign and brand identity, complete with a website and collateral that would stir the minds of CEOs to consider essential ideas required to connect with the next generation of mobile users.

“I Love U”, the summit’s theme was developed together with Nokia Siemens Networks, which wanted to regain consumer love from the community – simple words which were increasingly difficult to hear from the lips of a competitive market.

We chose Nokia Siemens Networks’s iconic conversation bubble as a motif for the project – guarding and enhancing their brand identity. The invitation/programme booklet creates a sense of layer and depth, reflecting the urgent need to get into the heart of the customer.

Packaged within the unique, thematically shaped box is a wood crafted speaker – a gift that expressed Nokia’s willingness to “Hear the beat of the net generation”.

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