Yellow Octopus


Solve n+1

2020 served us a can of worms

This year, it was like the world took a mega blow to the gut, leaving most shocked and reeling from the onslaught of the pandemic. Closer to our hearts, our good friends in the paper & print industries weren’t spared. And to be honest, we were scared too.

In the wake of social distancing, staying safe, and fighting for survival, four creative collaborators wormed their way into each other’s hearts in an act of solidarity.

Inspired by a beta-version community game by social innovators Solve n+1who wanted to grow our nation’s “neighbourliness quotient” to do good better, Yellow Octopus fell in love and embarked on a mission to reveal the hidden and inevitable connections in society.

Through a special Conversation Can, we’re inciting a spirit of watching out for one another in our families, our communities, and beyond. The project was brought to life with the vibrant papers from Antalis and the packaging genius of KPP, which resulted in our eventual “Open up, Can?” conversation starter.

With just one story shared from the heart, the distance between two people closes – and a window of opportunity for meaningful connection opens.

To 2021 and the courage to open up again

Let us know how you'd like your 2021 to go. If you’d like to join our movement or explore ways of collaboration, connect with us! Ready or not, 2021, here we come.

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It is our collective desire to see our nation open up – not just our borders, but among ourselves, from person to person. There are people who need a helping hand or just a listening ear, and they’re right under our noses. Let’s be good neighbours, staying closed won’t solve anything.

Love your neighbour as yourself.
– Mark 12:31