Temasek Junior College Collaterals 2012/13
Temasek Junior College
Temasek Junior College has been around since 1977, a tertiary institution known for its academic excellence and named for Singapore’s forefathers in hopes that students will adopt the pioneering spirit of Temasek.

In line with their culture of harnessing heritage and empowering the leaders of tomorrow, we developed the theme for their new generation of TJCians – “Braver, Stronger, Smarter”. We then applied this inspirational slogan to their yearbook, Open House banners and programme, student handbook, T-shirts, tote bags and prospectus.

Students applying for the Temasek Academy’s Six-Year Integrated Programme have been reported to relate strongly to Temasek Junior College Collaterals 2012/13. We hope to keep making a positive mark in Singapore’s education system with our work.

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