The End is Near, A New Beginning is Here
Yellow Octopus
Awards Won
• Red Dot Design Award Winner: Communication Design 2012
• HOW Promotion Design Award Winner, Outstanding Achievement

When we put together our communique for Yellow Octopus’ new corporate identity, we chose to challenge the usual feelings of gloom when good things come to an end – simply because belief for the future is often found when we change the way we see and appreciate, often unnoticed things. True seeing happens when we start believing.

The world ends in 2012, that’s the fad truth. As a Christmas gift, “The End is Near” marks the end of the year and of our old identity.

A hidden liner reveals “A New Beginning is Here”, showing that all is not as it seems as it unveils our new look.

Each unique calendar page showcases our aptitude for design while it marks the passage of time, emphasizing the newness of each moment, offering a fresh challenge to a reader’s perspective.

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