The Salvation Army 2010 Annual Report
Salvation Army
The Salvation Army has a long and illustrious history for providing love and compassion to anyone in need. We were asked to produce The Salvation Army 2010 Annual Report.

We believed in their work and the more we learnt, the more we loved it. They already had a strong story to tell, so we quickly represented them with a theme and moved into the details of their heart felt work.

The finished report has the look and feel of a scrapbook, conveying the warmth and humanity of their work. We co-wrote an introductory creed, introducing readers to the spirit and determination of The Salvation Army.

I believe in providing more than practical aid for those in need. Above and beyond community welfare, my heart is committed to helping individuals be transformed by God’s love.

The knowledge that these acts of service will continually change lives strengthens my faith. With each initiative and every heart I reach out to, my goal is to help people live to their full potential. One life is worth an Army’s protection. I am the Salvation Army.

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