The Transformation Story of Alexandra Hospital
Alexandra Health System
“Doing more of the same is not a viable option. The team needs to chart new paths where none currently exist.”

– Mr Liak Teng Lit, former CEO of Alexandra Hospital

The transformation story of Alexandra Hospital is one penned by visionary leaders such as Mr Liak.
It is interspersed with instances of creative genius that brought it through great operational struggles and national crises.

This is a book of values lived out. Dissatisfaction with the status quo led to them develop their own solutions. The Alexandra Hospital leadership sees current healthcare as “illness-care” – episodic, highly compartmentalised and insufficient to meet the medical needs of an aging population. Their view of healthcare starts from individuals leading healthy lifestyles (exercise regularly, eat wisely, be happy, stop smoking, practise good hygiene), eliminating the need for constant medical intervention.

This philosophy of holistic healthcare even shaped their hospital landscape. We brought the book to life using local flora and fauna native to the hospital’s verdant gardens – a mark of their commitment to create uplifting, healing spaces for all.

The hospital’s dedication to serve the people in the best way possible inspires us to keep pushing at the boundaries of excellence regardless
of industry.

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