YCH Coffee Table Book 2017: Unbroken
YCH Group
Work that is most invisible is sometimes the most indispensable.

The story of how YCH, a homegrown supply chain and logistics firm, constantly reinvented itself while staying true to its values inspired us from the get-go.

Commissioned to chronicle its inspirational journey in a commemorative book, we sought to convey the humanity at the heart of the company.

We crafted “Unbroken” as the creative essence that sums up everything YCH stands for — honouring promises to staff and customers, an indomitable spirit in overcoming adversity, and the unstoppable vision to create fully integrated ecosystems that serve the greater community.

Our creative process involved interviewing key personnel from different rungs of the supply chain ladder, and travelling to nine cities across Asia as we captured images of YCH’s regional facilities for the book as well as to expand the company’s digital assets.

Through the interviews, research and stories gathered, we certainly gained a newfound appreciation for logistics and the unsung heroes that keep our world running.

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