Christmas 2006 “I Lost Something Precious”
Yellow Octopus
We lost something precious in 2006 when we bade farewell to a good friend and partner, though we celebrated her new season of life, we felt a deep sense of loss.

Our Christmas 2006 “I Lost Something Precious” gift to our clients and friends was a call to remember those who go through silent pain, unknown to most, during the Christmas season.

We created a a series of button badges, so our friends could give their friends who were experiencing pain, a reminder to pin their hope on the miracle of Christmas.

8 cartoon characters represented each person in our team, two of which were the parents of our art director – people we wanted to treasure, people who have shared our load of pain, people who knew how to give hope.

When Jason, our art director – then 24 years of age, was diagnosed with cancer, mum and dad took double jobs, selling satay and cleaning up after others, to see him through – their characters triumphantly hold a pair of satay sticks.

Authentic meaning and life breathed captured in design, leaves an an unforgettable impression.

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